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Hey everyone! Welcome to the cozy corner of the internet that's all about our scrunchy love –! So, "FONTY" isn't just a random name; it's a brand my hubby kicked off way back in '98. He got all the official stuff sorted – registered the domain and the copyright in the good ol' USA – and we've been rollin' with it since then.

Now, your girl here, Munirah, that's me! I've been whipping up scrunchies for myself for the longest time because, why not? They're cute and all me. Then I started noticing how my fam and friends were all about that scrunchie life, mooching off my stash. Lightbulb moment! I figured, why not share the love and make these bad boys for everyone?

In the beginning, crafting a single scrunchie was like a marathon – it could take hours. But I've gotten it down to a science, or more like a sprint – five minutes tops and bam! Another scrunchie is born. 😂

Our little scrunchie empire is running out of our house's basement right now. It’s humble, but hey, it's home. We're keeping it here until, you know, we hit the big leagues or something.

A little more about me – I've got a Master's degree in Political Science, Comparative Politics to be exact, fresh out of Kuwait University. Balance that with four kiddos and an ever-growing mountain of scrunchies to stitch and sort; it's a pretty wild ride. But, seriously, I love every second of it. I'm dead set on making awesome hair days as easy-peasy as slapping on a scrunchie.

So that's us! Just a little family with a passion for scrunchies, turning that passion into something real for all you lovely folks. Stick around, and let's make every day a great hair day together, no complications – just super simple, super cute scrunchies.

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